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Boilers can be temperamental if you don’t treat them appropriately. They can often backfire and cause you a lot of financial difficulties if they aren’t handled properly by the appropriate individuals. It’s something that we at Dublin Heating Services know better than anyone else. And that’s why our devoted team of boiler specialists are on ready to carry out your professional boiler servicing in Dublin.

What are the causes of your requirement for boiler service in Dublin?

Servicing your boiler regularly delivers a world of benefits. Keep your heating system in optimal condition by testing and maintaining it with an annual service. Your peace of mind comes from knowing that your boiler is well cared for by one of our technicians on a regular basis. It will also lessen the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns in the future.

We will come to your home in Dublin, no matter where you are located, to perform boiler maintenance. We’ll do our checks, fix any problems we find, and then we’ll be off.

Are you in need of a Dublin boiler repair?

There are a slew of various things needed in order to perform boiler maintenance. A steady hand, a highly trained expert, and a precise set of tools. Many other companies despise service visits because of this, but not us. We realise that if we maintain up a high standard of boiler service, we could save our customers a lot of time and work in the long run.

  • If you have your boiler serviced by a professional, you can rest easy knowing that your heating system won’t make any unusual noises and you’ll always be comfortable.
  • The likelihood of a problem, breakdown, or failure occurring at an inconvenient moment can be greatly reduced with a routine boiler service check by one of our team members.
  • You’re in complete command when you work with us. Individuals lead diverse and unpredictable lives, as we all know. As a result, we schedule boiler maintenance appointments around your schedule.
  • When it comes to boilers, you just need one number on your phone. Dublin Heating Services offers more than simply dependable boiler maintenance. In addition to boiler installation, routine maintenance and emergency repairs are all services that we offer. Whatever your boiler requires, we’ll have you covered.

No more fast cures. When it comes to boiler servicing in Dublin, no one does it better than Dublin Heating Services.

Are you in need of a Dublin boiler repair
Exactly What We Do With Our Dublin Boiler Repair Services

Exactly What We Do With Our Dublin Boiler Repair Services

By identifying and fixing any faults early on, our service checks assist to keep your boiler healthy and minimise the possibilities of a serious failure occurring in the future. Manufacturers recommend boiler service checks once a year, but if you’re unsure when your next service is needed, give us a call right away. We’ll help you figure it out.

What we check in the boiler service:

  • To check for problems, the boiler was put through its paces.
  • Examine all key boiler components, including the burner, heat exchanger, and spark electrode.
  • It is important to ensure that all of the terminals and internal flue components have been properly sealed.
  • Use a flue gas analyzer to make sure the burner is burning efficiently.
  • If necessary, boiler parts should be cleaned.
  • To make sure there were no gas leaks, a gas tightness test was performed.
  • Boiler casing tested to verify if it’s securely sealed

How much does a boiler service in Dublin cost?

The cost of a brand new boiler might vary very dramatically, depending on your requirements. Some of the most efficient and powerful modern boilers can attract prices of up to €5,000. Standard systems start about €2,000. So, if your current setup is working well for you and meeting your requirements, stick with it!

Boilers can be quite expensive to replace if they break down completely, although this is usually preventable with routine maintenance. A frequent boiler service will ensure any problems are picked up and rectified swiftly before they cause harm to your boiler.

Our engineers conduct a thorough service for €85+VAT. We also offer a boiler servicing with a landlord’s certificate for €120+VAT. Regardless of the option you choose, our professionals will thoroughly inspect your hot water heater and identify any issues. They will then provide you with solutions, continuous support, and clear pricing so that you may enjoy hot water again quickly.

Registered gas safe heating engineer

All of our engineers are gas safe registered and possess gas safe registration ID cards. Our experienced team has the skills and understanding to provide a wide range of different boiler services, and we’re here to take the stress out of having your boiler serviced or repaired. The technicians who work for us are all factory-trained and certified to perform boiler repair and maintenance on all makes and models of gas appliances.

Service vs. repair of a boiler

Service vs. repair of a boiler

Annual boiler inspection versus boiler repair

Despite the fact that boiler servicing may include some small repairs, there is a considerable distinction between the two types of services. You see, a boiler repair technician will be called out to solve a suspected fault with your equipment more often than not. Instead, a boiler service technician will run a battery of tests to make sure your boiler is safe and operating properly. And if he finds a tiny problem, he may fix it right away or suggest that you engage a boiler repair service.

In other words, a yearly boiler check is aimed to prevent the need for repair work. Also, a boiler repair service will not involve the performance of all the necessary tests; it’s arranged simply for the removal of a broken boiler.

To avoid costly repairs, having your boiler inspected by a professional expert every year is a wise financial decision as well as a sensible safety precaution.

Plumbing & Boiler Replacement

Service your hot water boiler at least once every five years, if not more frequently.

Boiler inspection vs. gas safety checks

Boiler maintenance and a gas safety inspection are not the same thing. When a boiler uses solid fuel rather than gas, an engineer can be employed to provide maintenance. In addition, during the service, the professional inspects the appliance in detail, and if necessary, he may fix or replace a minor but crucial part to optimise the performance of the boiler and assure its safety. Furthermore, boiler service is obviously confined to the boiler, its connections, and occasionally your heating system components, whereas a gas safety check involves an evaluation of all your gas-powered equipment and their connections. During such a check, the professional will not attempt to repair anything but will just propose what should be done if needed.

Still, these types of repairs should never be neglected when due, as carbon monoxide-related deaths and injuries remain a severe concern every year in Ireland.

Enjoy local gas boiler servicing near you

We’ve got locally based teams of certified gas-safe registered heating engineers, qualified plumbers, and drainage specialists across Dublin, who are ready to assist you promptly and with your total satisfaction in mind. No matter if you’re a resident, a tenant, a landlord, or a business owner in the capital city, they’ll do their best to get to you within 60 minutes. Most of Dublin and the neighbouring areas are serviced by Dublin Heating Services, a local boiler repair company. Many boiler servicing engineers are available to help everyone from homeowners to company owners to real estate agents. They have experience in examining and testing any type and brand of heating device, so you can be certain that your central heating system is in safe hands. So why wait? Book a fully-equipped Gas Safe specialist in your region to assist you promptly take care of your annual home maintenance requirements.

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We can only be as reliable as our customers need us to be. If you are worried about your boiler, we can come and visit anytime you need us. It is possible to plan a follow-up appointment for the following year, if need be. It’s flexible to meet your needs!

We would urge that no one go for more than a year without getting their boiler serviced. This manner, you can be sure that any problems are ironed out often, so you can have a fully-working boiler.

High-efficiency boilers can cost up to €5000. The average cost of a boiler is around €2000. Boiler replacement can be costly, which is why having a team of skilled specialists perform regular boiler service is so crucial.

When you call us, we’ll diagnose and discuss your boiler issues in plain English so you know exactly what’s going on and how much it will cost to fix it.