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Kildare Plumbing and Heating is your top-notch choice for efficient and affordable boiler service Phibsborough, setting the benchmark for quality in the industry.

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"Get Your Boiler Back on Track: Opt for Professional Boiler Service in Phibsborough Today!"

If you’re located in Phibsborough and need a boiler service, it’s crucial to hire professionals like Kildare Plumbing and Heating. Why? Simply because boilers are complex systems that require experts to ensure their optimal performance. A professional boiler service in Phibsborough like our company will not only increase your boiler’s efficiency but also prevent the possibility of costly breakdowns. Kildare Plumbing and Heating adheres to safety regulations while operating to reduce any potential risks. Plus, regular professional servicing can elongate the lifespan of your boiler saving you the cost of early replacement. Don’t compromise on your comfort; visit our website to learn how we offer the best boiler service Phibsborough has to offer.

Unmatched Boiler Service in Phibsborough: Your Ultimate Choice for the Best!

Kildare Plumbing and Heating is a renowned name when it comes to boiler service in Phibsborough. We hold an indisputable reputation thanks to our dedication to providing exceptional service with ultimate customer satisfaction. Our boiler service has been hailed as exemplary in Phibsborough due to our swift, efficient, and comprehensive service that caters to all boiler needs. We equip ourselves with top-notch technology and certified manpower which helps us detect and rectify issues with precision. We serve beyond expectations and that has helped us earn the tag of the best boiler service in Phibsborough. With Kildare Plumbing and Heating, you don’t just receive a service, you invest in peace of mind for boiler care and safety. We stand unbeaten in our offering, proudly showcasing the expertise, commitment, and quality of our boiler service in Phibsborough. Trust Kildare Plumbing and Heating, the best boiler servicer in the region, for all your boiler needs.

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We specialize in several services to meet the heating and plumbing needs in Phibsboro and surrounding areas.

Firstly, we provide professional Plumber in Phibsborough services, offering reliable and high-quality work.

We also help ensure that your home or business has reliable heat with our Boiler Replacements service.

If your boiler is simply in need of maintenance, we offer Boiler Service to help keep your heating system running efficiently.

For those moments when your boiler act up, we are there to mend through our Boiler Repairs service.

In a plumbing crisis? We have Emergency Plumber on standby, ready to solve your woes anytime, any day.

To know more about our company and the dedicated team behind our services, check out About Us page.

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Why Us

At Kildare Plumbing and Heating, we take pride in being the premier and most reliable boiler service provider in Phibsborough. There are several reasons we claim to be the best, so allow us to explain why.

Firstly, our overarching priority is our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. We understand that a satisfied customer is not just a repeat customer, but also a promoter of our services. Our team exerts effort to listen, understand and resolve each customer query promptly and accurately, ensuring you feel valued and appreciated.

Quality is another cornerstone of our services at Kildare Plumbing and Heating. Our expert engineers use their exhaustive knowledge and expertise to complete each job to the highest of standards. We never compromise on quality, using only the best, and most efficient boilers and parts available in the market. Regardless of the boiler model or make, we guarantee a service of superior quality that stands the test of time.

We also prioritize transparency in all our transactions. We believe it’s essential for you to feel confident in our services, which is why we provide detailed and clear explanations about the work that needs to be done along with an upfront quote. We don’t believe in hidden costs and will always keep you fully informed.

At Kildare Plumbing and Heating, we have a team of fully certified, experienced, and insured engineers. Their training and experience enable them to carry out each task efficiently, safely, and lawfully. They regularly receive up-to-date training on the latest boiler technologies, ensuring they are perfectly equipped to handle any issue that may arise.

Above all, we understand that boiler issues don’t always happen at the most convenient times, which is why we offer our services 24/7, all year round. So whether it’s a chilly winter’s night or a public holiday, our committed team will be there for you, quickly resolving any boiler issues and restoring your comfort and peace of mind.

Our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable service provider has been cultivated over the years through consistent superior service delivery, as reflected in the glowing reviews and recommendations we regularly receive from our clients.

Kildare Plumbing and Heating is indeed the best, and most reliable boiler service in Phibsborough, offering quality, transparency, and exceptional service – each and every time!


1. What kind of issues can arise if a boiler is not regularly serviced?

Regular boiler service is essential to ensure its optimal functioning over a long period. If not frequently serviced, your boiler can develop problems like leaks, inefficiencies, or even more serious issues such as carbon monoxide leaks. These issues can be dangerous and potentially expensive to fix. Therefore, it’s recommended to seek the services of renowned companies like Kildare Plumbing and Heating to ensure regular, thorough, and professional boiler service.

2. Why should I choose Kildare Plumbing and Heating for my boiler service?

At Kildare Plumbing and Heating, we take pride in providing top-quality boiler services. Our engineers are adept at identifying any potential issues, thus preventing large-scale problems in the future. Not only do we offer service and maintenance checks, but we also provide expert advice on usage, ensuring you get the most out of your boiler in the safest way possible.

3. How often should I have my boiler serviced?

It’s recommended to have your boiler serviced at least once every year to ensure its efficient and safe operation. This can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure your boiler is working at its best when you need it the most. Kildare Plumbing and Heating offers comprehensive boiler servicing plans for the regular check-ups your boiler needs.

4. What are the signs that my boiler needs a service?

There are a few signs that could indicate the need for boiler servicing, like strange noises coming from the boiler, it not heating up thoroughly, leaking, or lower pressure than usual. If you notice any unusual behaviour, it’s better to call for service immediately. The experienced team at Kildare Plumbing and Heating will diagnose and solve any boiler-related issues promptly and efficiently.

5. How can I avoid common boiler issues?

Regular servicing is key to avoiding common boiler issues. Other steps such as proper insulation, keeping the area around the boiler clean, and not overworking the boiler can also help prevent problems. By contracting quality boiler services like what we offer at Kildare Plumbing and Heating, you can trust that your boiler will be kept in the best possible condition, ensuring maximum efficiency and lifespan.