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Look no further for a Plumber Donard; Kildare Plumbing and Heating stands unbeaten in the provision of top-tier plumbing services in Donard.

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Dealing with plumbing issues in your home or business premise shouldn’t be a stressful affair when in Donard. Engaging a professional in this line of work is paramount for efficient results. One of the top contenders is Kildare Plumbing and Heating. Are you experiencing plumbing problems? Then consider hiring the highly trained Plumber Donard for comprehensive and reliable services. They not only competently handle all the complexities that come with plumbing work, but they also provide timely services to prevent water damage to your property. Is it a broken pipe, leaking faucet, or an installation? The adept plumbers at Kildare Plumbing and Heating are equipped with the latest technology to offer unmatched services, save you money and time. Remember, an inexperienced person might do more harm than good. It’s always wise to leave it to professionals like Kildare Plumbing and Heating, the best plumber in Donard.

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As the leading Plumber in Donard, Kildare Plumbing and Heating consistently stands out from the crowd for its exceptional service. Our track record is unmatched; it is teeming with countless satisfied customers who can vouch for the depth of our expertise, efficiency, and excellent customer service. Being a seasoned Plumber in Donard affords us the unique understanding of the most common plumbing and heating problems in the area and the best ways to fix them. So, when leaks, burst pipes, or heating issues disrupt your peace and comfort, Kildare Plumbing and Heating, the best Plumber in Donard, will provide swift and enduring solutions. Our services are not just reliable; they also focus on preventing future plumbing or heating issues, ensuring you get genuine quality for your money. When it comes to plumbing and heating in Donard, no one does it better than Kildare Plumbing and Heating.

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Plumber in Donard: If you are looking for an experienced and reliable plumber in Donard, we are here to help. We offer a variety of plumbing services designed to address any issues you might face with your plumbing systems.

Boiler Replacements: We specialise in boiler replacement services, ensuring your home has the warmth and hot water it needs, just when you need it.

Boiler Service: Our professional boiler service keeps your heating system in top condition, increasing efficiency, and extending its lifespan.

Boiler Repairs: Our boiler repair service ensures your boiler is working to its maximum efficiency and prevents future issues from occurring.

Emergency Plumber: No matter the time, day or night, our emergency plumber services are available to address any urgent issues you may have.

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At Kildare Plumbing and Heating, we take pride in being the best and most reliable plumbing service provider in Donard. Our credibility is linked to our long-standing commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and long-lasting solutions to our customers.

Firstly, Kildare Plumbing and Heating is a local company, deeply rooted in the Donard community. Our strong relationships with the locals have been fostered through years of dependable service, a factor that goes beyond just business for us – we value the trust our community places in us.

Secondly, our team comprises fully trained and licensed professionals, whose customer-centric approach set us apart. We are always striving for excellence and continually updating our skills to understand and handle the latest plumbing and heating technologies.

Time is another testament to our reliability. In our many years of operation, we have consistently been prompt and dependable. We understand plumbing crises don’t wait and neither should you. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services, responding swiftly and effectively when our customers need us the most.

We are also fully transparent about our prices. Honesty is a pillar in our business approach, so there are never any hidden costs. We believe in delivering cost-effective services, thereby providing value for money.

At Kildare Plumbing and Heating, we also put great emphasis on treating your property with utmost respect. Our team members ensure that your homes are left clean and tidy after our service. We use high-quality materials and tools to ensure durable solutions and minimum disruption to your daily routines.

Moreover, we are also environmentally conscious. We advocate and utilize energy-efficient systems to save resources and reduce the environmental impact, without compromising the quality of our services.

In short, Kildare Plumbing and Heating is about more than just plumbing – we are about community, professionalism, speed, honesty, respect, and an environmentally conscious approach. For us, the job is not complete until we’ve exceeded our customers’ expectations. With these attributes, we confidently state that we are the best and most reliable plumber in Donard.


1. Why is my faucet dripping and how can I fix it?

This can occur due to worn-out components. Over time, parts like seals and washers may deteriorate causing a leaky faucet. Severely damaged parts often require replacement. Kildare Plumbing and Heating can help identify the most cost-effective solution, whether that’s repairing the damaged parts or installing a new faucet. With years of experience and skilled professionals, trust us to provide the best service every single time.

2. What causes a running toilet and how it can be rectified?

A running toilet often indicates a problem with the flapper that creates a seal within the tank. If it doesn’t form a tight seal, the water will leak into the bowl continuously causing a running toilet. Sometimes, the issue might be with the fill valve. At Kildare Plumbing and Heating, we offer comprehensive solutions for these issues. We will inspect and repair/replace the necessary parts, ensuring your toilet is functioning efficiently.

3. How often do I need to have my drains cleaned?

It depends on the usage and condition of your drains. However, it’s recommended to get them professionally cleaned once a year to maintain smooth operation and avoid severe clogging. At Kildare Plumbing and Heating, we offer drain cleaning services to ensure that any build-ups are taken care of promptly, helping you avoid potential messy problems down the line.

4. What can I do to avoid clogged drains?

Avoid flushing down items that aren’t meant for toilets, such as wipes, sanitary products, or cooking grease. Also, installing drain covers helps prevent hair and other materials from getting down the drains. For any drain issues, call Kildare Plumbing and Heating. Our experienced technicians can provide advice, regular maintenance, or urgent responses to get your drainage systems fully functioning.

5. How can I ensure my water heater lasts longer?

Regular maintenance is the key to a longer-lasting water heater. This involves checking the pressure relief valve, flushing the tank to remove any sediment build-up, and assessing the tank’s anode rod. If you’re not comfortable doing these tasks yourself, Kildare Plumbing and Heating is just a call away. We can carry out these tasks for you and, more importantly, make sure they’re done right to extend your water heater’s lifespan.